March 2, 2013

Review: Flood by Stephen Baxter

Next year. Sea levels begin to rise. The change is far more rapid than any climate change predictions; metres a year. Within two years London, only 15 metres above the sea, is drowned. New York follows, the Pope gives his last address from the Vatican, Mecca disappears beneath the waves. Where is all the water coming from? Scientists estimate that the earth was formed with seas 30 times in volume their current levels. Most of that water was burnt off by the sun but some was locked in the earth's mantle.

The world is drowning. The biblical flood has returned. And the rate of increase is building all the time. Mankind is on the run, heading for high ground. Before 50 years have passed there will be nowhere left to run.

When I first started reading this book I wasn’t sold on it. The book started too slow, but soon enough the storyline picked up. I enjoyed the premise of the book of the world slowly drowning from floods, tsunamis, etc. What I loved about the book was the action sequences, and the relationships of the hostages and how they kept in contact throughout the years.

My Rating: