November 28, 2013

Book Blitz: Alive by Megan D. Martin

Today I'm featuring a book called Alive. Alive is a New Adult/Post-Apocalyptic book written by Megan D. Martin. I love both New Adult and Post-Apocalyptic fiction, so it's awesome that this book combines both genres. Megan is also hosting a giveaway, which can be found at the bottom of this post.

Alive by Megan D. Martin
Series: Crave #1
Genres: New Adult, Post-Apocalyptic, Romance
Release Date: November 22, 2013

Flesh-eating zombies, dirty sex, and a shattered past…
What’s more dangerous—the man who broke her heart or those trying to eat it?

Fighting to survive, Eve finds herself alone in the world after the Crave—the only parallel of her former life. On the hunt for her sister, she runs into Gage—the first and only boy to have her heart and break it. It’s been four years and he isn’t a boy anymore, nor is he the same person he used to be. Against her better judgment, Eve agrees to stay with him when he divulges information on a safe haven near the small town they grew up in—but that doesn’t mean she has to like it…

Returning home elicits a myriad of emotions that both Eve and Gage thought they had buried. The past and present collide and they are forced to the face bitter deceits that ruined them in the before and threaten to destroy them now…

About The Author

Megan D. Martin is a multi-published author, mother, student and editor. In her spare time she enjoys decorating her house with strange things that do not match, playing her old school Nintendo Entertainment System, and buying fish for her many fish tanks.

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“Come here,” he whispered, barely recognizing his own voice. He heard her movement in the dark, the rustling of leaves against the thick soles of her boots. His hand slipped down her arm and he reveled at the smooth skin.

“Don’t touch me.” The harsh words were a shock to his system. She jerked her arm away and scooted away from him. What the hell?


“Go to sleep. I’ll keep watch.”

He took a deep breath trying to get his rioting emotions under control. “How do I know you won’t try to kill me while I sleep?”

“You don’t.”


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