March 19, 2013

Top Ten Books I HAD To Buy...But Are Still Sitting On My Shelf Unread

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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week's feature is the top ten books that we have purchased, but have yet to read. I have done this so many times. I'm in the bookstore, get excited to read the book, only to never read it. I always have great intentions, but sometimes I just forget I purchased the book.

1. The Last Ship by William Brinkley: I found this on a list online for post-apocalyptic books. I was immediately intrigued by the synopsis (post-nuclear fallout, one ship with 178 people on it to re-populate the human species?) I was sold. Except it was written in the 1980s and has yet to be published in ebook format (which is the format I mostly read). So I search and search and search. No where had it! But and lo and behold I finally found a slightly used one on Thrift Books. But have I read it yet? No, of course not. But I am determined to finish it this Spring.

2. Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood: I've had this book for several years. It was recommendation from my older sister that I have yet to start. I haven't read any Margaret Atwood books before, but her books have been recommended to me by several people.

3. Much Ado About Magic by Shanna Swendson: I read the first four books in this series many years ago. They were recommended by one of my good friends and I loved them. They were so funny and light-hearted I read them all within two weeks. Years later I find out the author is self-publishing a fifth book! I was ecstatic. I hoped for years this would happen. I purchased the book the day it was released, but for some reason I have never gotten around to reading it. I have even recommended it to one of my friends who definitely does not like chick-lit or paranormal romance in anyway whatsoever, BUT she loved them too.

I definitely recommend this series to everyone.

4. The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling was a book club pick from last fall that I didn't get a chance to read. I don't know what to really expect from the novel as it is completely different from her young adult novels.

5 & 6. The Star Dwellers & Fire Country: David Estes is one of my favourite self-published authors. I read his book The Moon Dwellers and it blew me away. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten the chance to finish the series or start his new series, Country.

7. Palo Alto by James Franco: This was a gift from my older sister a few Christmases ago. It was another one of her recommendations that I have yet to read. I truly am a disappointment to fulfilling her recommendations. I usually feel pretty bad about it because her recs are always spot on and they are normally five stars for me.

8. The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore: I've read the first two books and most of the novellas in this series and pretty much have loved them all. Hopefully, I can get a chance to read the final book in the series soon.

9. Naughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman.

10. World War Z by Max Brooks: This was another book club read that I didn't get the chance to read. I've heard really great things about it and do want to read it before the movie opens.