June 1, 2013

Monthly Recap: May

May was a pretty busy month for me. I worked a ton of hours and started a night class as well, but that didn't stop me from finding time to read (what would stop me?) But I just ended up reading and staying up too late, so I was super sleepy the next day.

1. Bout of Books 7.0. This was my first Bout of Books challenge that I participated in. I didn't meet my goal, but I did enjoy the books I had the chance to finish. I didn't really have any excuses why I didn't read more as I was on vacation for a few days. Next time I definitely want to participate in the Twitter chats as I didn't have a chance to do that this time.

2. Clean Sweep ARC Challenge. I finished 7 2/3 ARCs. But I still have so many to go!

I really liked this challenged as it motivated me to get reading those ARCs! I ended up reading almost exclusively ARCs this month. I think I will continue to try and read more of them that are on my list, but mix it up with other non-ARC books.

3. I didn't realize how many books I got through. For the most part there were some really great reads. I think my favourites were Lichgates, After The Ending, and Into The After. I really struggled to get through Where You Can Find Me, but eventually finished it.



How was everyone else's month? What books did you complete?